Welcome to City of Lyon
Berges du Rhône et l'Hôtel Dieu

Welcome to City of Lyon

We are delighted to welcome you once again in the City of Lyon in 2019 for the European Conference, 42 years after the 1977 Europe Africa Conference.

We would like to expand our impact throughout this important JCI event by working together to obtain personal and collective tools which will create positive changes and make our world better.

In May 2019 we will be happy to work with all of you on our topic « Commitment Revolution » . We want to continue to take initiatives and think « out of the box » to reach sustainable impact.

Are you ready to face this challenge and come back to Lyon to do so? Yes, of course you are! Come and discover the « French touch » in Lyon!
We hope to see you in Riga where you will have an insight in Lyon’s way of life during the « French night ». Don’t miss it !

Until then do not forget to follow us on Facebook.

#Taste the French touch
#Envie de rugir

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