Delegate Memento & Program – Last practical informations

Greetings Congress Delegates!

Tomorrow begins the JCI 2019 European Area Conference in Lyon, France.

Are you ready for your upcoming trip and the conference?

Use these information to make the most of your congress experience and to visit the cultural and beautiful host city of Lyon.


Sustainable development will be under the spotlight throughout the 4 days of the conference with the help of the UN Global Goals. We decided to apply the standards of the SDGs to our very own decisions and efforts to offer a less resource-intensive conference. Therefore for ecological reasons, we invite you to enjoy your congress experience in a different way:

  • There will be no Welcome Pack upon arrival and registration in order to limit waste.
  • Paper and pens will be at your disposal during trainings if needed, help yourself but keep in mind to bring back what you didn’t use for the next user.
  • You will get a free Eco-Cup upon arrival, keep it at all times!
  • Enjoy all city public transport for FREE.
  • An online Delegate’s guide is available for download to limit paper prints and our carbon foot print. Download it on all your devices!

(Don’t worry there will still be plenty of wine, cheese and champagne!)

About the venues:

During the day: University Lyon 3 – Manufacture des Tabacs
6 Rue Rollet 69008 Lyon
Opening Time: 8h30 – 19h/8.30am – 7pm
How to get there?
• Metro Line D – Stop at : Sans Souci
• Tramway T4 – Stop at : Manufacture Montluc
• Bus lines : C7, C25, 69 and 296 –Stop at Manufacture Montluc
• 15 minutes walking distance from Part-Dieu railway station

Evenings/parties : Centre des Congrès – Cité Internationale
10 Quai Charles De Gaulle 69006 Lyon
Entrance B, on the Amphitheater side.
Opening Time:
• Wednesday May 8th – Opening Ceremony at 18h30/6.30pm
• Thursday May 9th – German/Austrian/Swiss Night : 20h/8pm
• Friday May 10th – Irish/Estonian Night : 20h/8pm
• Saturday May 11th – Gala night : 18h30/6.30pm
How to get there?
• Bus lines : C1, C2, C4, C5, C26, 70 – Stop at: Cité Internationale
• 10 minutes by car, cab, Uber, from the Part-Dieu railway station
There will be shuttle buses to get you home after the parties at the Centre des Congrès.

On your first day:

It all begins with your registration and the printing of your delegate’s pass at the University Lyon 3,
Manufacture des Tabacs. There will also be a one-time only registration desk at the Congress Center before the Opening Ceremony for those of you arriving in the evening.

Head to the Registration desks where you will be given what you need to make the most of your conference:

  • Your Delegate’s badge,
  • Your eco-cup, keep it at all times, day and night for the parties!
  • Your public transport tickets for every day in Lyon. Every ticket is valid one hour in each transportation mode (bus, subway, funicular and tramway).
  • Your lunch and dinner vouchers.

Once you get there and when in need, a dedicated team is there to help you out:

You’re lost? Have a question? A special need/request? Go to the Solutions Office located in the entrance of the university. Just look up, the solutions office overlooks the lobby. Our team will be there to help you sort out your problems.
Also when in the university, looking for some help? Look at the people wearing these items, they are there to help you out:

The volonteers
The COC team members

What about the weather forecast:

May is always a tricky month here in Lyon, on average you can expect between +9° Celsius to +19° Celsius during the day but with a chance of frequent showers. So plan ahead what you pack in your suitcase.

Training program:

Just a reminder that the registration to the JCI trainings will open 24h prior the beginning of the conference. The other trainings are all open on the basis of first come, first served.
We highly recommend however to register for the 4 following sessions which need some prep time ahead:

  • Ennéagramme – Céline Bottu – May 9th / 10h-13h/10am-1pm
  • Ennéagramme – Denis Bouillet – May 9th / 15h-18h/3pm-6pm
  • European Entrepreneurial and Educational Mobility – May 9th / 10h-13h/10am-1pm
  • Integrate Global Goals in your business model

Find every needed information here:

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