Public transport

The city of Lyon has many public transport networks available for you: subways, tramways and buses. To plan your trips, visit the website.
A single ticket enables you to go from metro to bus, tram or funicular as many times as you like during one hour.


Need a ride? Several Taxi companies offer their service: Naveco, G7, Hop Taxi.


The city has built many bike paths to facilitate your travel. 338 self-service bike stations are at your disposal.

You have two options:


This pass enables throughout 24 hours, it costs 4€. You can take a Vélo’V as many times as you like during your 24 hours.


This pass allows you to make only one ride, it costs 1,8 €.

Renting «  »Velo-V » » is easy and the first 30 minutes are free, enjoy! Then, you pay what you consumme:
First payable 30 minutes: 0.05€/minutes, second payable 30 minutes: 0.10€/minutes, then: 0.15€/minutes. Maximum: 35€/rental.
The Pass are available online or at the Vélo’v station kiosk. For more information go to:

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