How is the weather in May in Lyon ?

Never cast a clout till May is out…
So we will enjoy spring, with blooming trees and sunny days. But, it will probably be raining 3 days out of 10.
All days count on pleasant temperatures, around 20 degrees Celcius (68° Fahrenheit). And the temperature falls below 12° Celcius (53° Fahrenheit) at night.
You can expect 14 hours of daylight. Sunset’s after 8pm.


What do I pack ?

 Your travel packing checklist for your french JCI EC:
  • Vest for the morning
  • Jacket for the night
  • Light top for the day
  • Sunglasses (essential to sit on a Café terrace)
  • Umbrella (could save your brushing)
  • Business cloths for meetings
  • National shirts for Opening Night
  • Gala suits and dress for Gala Night
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