The old world is dying, the new world is slow to appear and in this chiaroscuro the monsters appear
Italian philosopher Gramsci

While the rise of populism, ecological and human crises are taking on a worrying scale. We, young European citizens from diverse cultures, wish to strive for original ideas to meet the challenges of our time through the global goals defined by the UN. We want to be part of the emergence of a new world concerned about its environment and the legacy it will leave. Our response: 

FRIDAY 10 MAY - 13h TO 19h

JOIN A VERY SPECIAL WORKSHOP COMBINING A design thinking methodology and the active citizenship framework.

Take part to our giant gamestorming to design innovative solutions for our partners issues. Think out-of-the-box, experiment new approaches and be a part of a very special experience of social entrepreneurship ! JCI members will be brought to:

  • Identify a problem and understand its environment
  • Find the idea that will solve it
  • Design a project that will embody this idea.

A GAMESTORMING divided into 3 main PHASES :

  • JCI Training Impact
  • Design thinking workshop
  • Presentation to a jury panel

The work will be presented to a jury of experts FOR EACH CATEGORY :

  • Best Business Ideas
  • Best Impact Project Ideas
  • Best Campaigning Ideas
  • Best Implementation Ideas
Our ambition is to create change through actions that can be easily spread throughout Europe by JCI members and their partners.

4 main topics will be hack during the hack for global goals, suggested by our partners Enedis and La Poste :

Energy precariousness:

How to identify households in energy difficulty (difficulty in paying bills, insulating their housing, etc.) and provide them with impactful and sustainable solutions?

Global goals to hack : 

Biodiversity conservation:

How to preserve fauna and flora in cities (example: 80% reduction in the presence of birds in cities. They play a concrete role in the environment. It is possible to address the role of bees or the link that unites us to nature and that causes the urban population and most of them depressed)?

Global goals to hack :

Digital inclusion:

How to enable everyone to be digitally educated and to be able to complete these administrative formalities online? It is possible to address the digital divide in two ways: geographically (urban versus rural) and by age (youth versus old age). What kind of business model, … ?

Global goals to hack :

Health prevention:

How can a group like La Poste become a player in health prevention thanks to its presence in France (17,000 local branches and more than 100,000 people who deliver the postal mail)?

Global goals to hack :

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