What if the future of Europe is depending on the commitment of the whole European youth ?

Come to Lyon and dare to act during a 4-day challenge to make The Commitment Revolution and contribute to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Goals.

Our observation :

Hosting the European Conference is the occasion to gather more than a thousand of committed JCI members. Enjoying GA, workshops, trainings and spending time together is great but we want to go further. Gathering as much as JCI members is a real opportunity to really impact and that’s our goal for Lyon 2019.

SO here’s the plan :

As we are facing so many issues in our world, we are strongly convinced that peace could be only protected thanks to a committed youth, as we are. UN Global Goals are a real opportunity to offer us a guide line to face this challenging world and succeed by keeping a universal peace. We want to use those 4 days to empower all members and lead them to act in order to fill the UN Global Goals and spread the committed spirit all over the Europe.

Those 4 days will allow us to set up an assessment on Europe practices to meet UN SDGs and to find new solutions : let’s be an inspirationnal youth !

Not familiar with the SDGs ?

A quick update sith Un delegates, European and French congressmen.

SDG’s is also a citizens’ issue !

Meet and listen young active active citizens who will show you their civil or business SDG initiatives.

How can I face the challenge by myself ? JCI members it’s time to be agents of change !

Let’s take part to a big Social Enterpreneurship Challenge, mentored by a french Michelin-starred chef. Be patient… His name will be announced in few days during the french national congress in Poitiers. Coming soon!

Let’s be LEGENDARY !

A synthesis of JCI’s contribution to SDG.

What is awaiting you ?


Opening and Closing Keynotes

Lets make a statement and produce real conclusions after 2 days of working !


An inspiring afternoon + a Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

Meet inspiring leaders and dare to act by yourself !


Trainings and Workshops + Business Meetings

Learn more about SDGs, project management, self development, debating, new ways to activate your creativity... And let's do some business !


Companies visits and Tourism + A Special Exhibition

Discover the treasures of our region through innovative companies and our strong heritage. And to celebrate Europe admire a special exhibition : "Cartooning For Peace".

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