MAY 9th - 13h30 to 18h00

Faced with the upheavals and challenges of today’s world, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed.
However, throughout Europe, many active citizens, committed leaders, have decided to work to make the world a better place (fairer, more inclusive, more sustainable).
They made the choice to turn problems into opportunities for change.
Because everyone has the power to act and move from being a spectator to an actor, come and expand your view of our world.
Come meet some of those entrepreneurs who are changing the world, find out what put them into action and what they contribute to.
And you, when do you start?


Founder of “Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s)” and Executive Chief at Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Opening keynote - 13h30

©Mathilde de l’Ecotais

Founder of “Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s)” and Executive Chief at Mandarin Oriental, Paris
After working as a pastry chef, a chocolate maker, and ice cream maker, Thierry Marx made his way through the most prestigious gastronomy houses (Ledoyen, Taillevent, Robuchon…). He received his first Michelin star in 1988.
After receiving many recognitions awarded by his peers and the most well-regarded gastronomic authorities, Thierry Marx has been committed to supporting social causes.
In 2012, he opened at Paris Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s) a free training program in the restaurant trade (Cooking, Bakery, Service) primarily intended for young people without a degree and people in rehabilitation or professional retraining.
Also a street food enthusiast, which he sees as “a powerful driving force for integration in society,” Thierry Marx is a man of complete taste who works to make gastronomy accessible to all.


Founder & President of CLEANCUP®

How to transform a simple idea to an industrial cleantech company - 14h45

©Trafalgar Maison de Portraits & Romain Chambodut

Graduate of the emlyon business school and passionate about cleantech, Eléonore has created a company to prove that Impact & Business are indissociable!

Since 2016, she has founded CLEANCUP®, a turnkey solution unique in the world that distributes, collects and automatically washes reusable glasses on site, in order to eliminate the use of disposable cups and improve the way of drinking in campuses, businesses and communities.

DAN ACHER (Switzerland)

Founder & Artistic Director of Happy City Lab

Creativity and the City: Creating Connections in shared spaces - 15h

Dan Acher is a social artist from Switzerland, an Ashoka Fellow and the founder of Happy City Lab. He uses the city as a playground to create a sense of belonging and community. At the center of his work is art as generator of social change across urban communities; his city-wide installations create spaces where strangers come together and connect beyond their differences.


Co-founder & International Director of Singa

We Need A New Social Architecture ! - 15h15

Guillaume Capelle is a young social architect. He loves designing mirrors, doors and windows to open societies. To that end, he created the Singa network in 2012 to disrupt the inclusion sector. He is crowdsourcing thousands of citizens, hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations to build more resilient societies. According to QG, he is one of the twenty-six most talented French people of his generation.


Founding & Managing Director of JUMP

Why is equality between women and men at the heart of the necessary civilisation shift? - 16h

Key opinion leader and Social entrepreneur in employment & gender equality throughout conferences and trainings, consultancy, articles and by producing medias and events.
Founding & Managing Director of JUMP “Promoting gender equality, advancing the economy”
Ashoka Fellow
Isabella manages currently 3 companies, 2 NGOs and a team of 12 persons with offices in Brussels and Paris.


Co-founder & CFO of Eccocar

The Path Towards Sustainable Mobility - 16h15

Fernando Martin has co-founded Eccocar and sits in the executive board of directors, managing different tracks within the company, such as investor relations, product and company quality and international and corporate relations.
Telecom engineer by Universidad de Oviedo and MBA by Munich Business School, Fernando has previously performed in different technical and leading roles in worldwide cutting-edge companies such as Motorola, Nokia or Intel.
Based in Munich, Germany, he has already lived in several countries and is always looking for self-improvement and to bring his teams to their top performance.

Marisa Pedrosa (France)

HR transformation leader at Blédina

Intrapreneurship: to reinvent jobs & stimulate engagement - 16h30

Marisa is 35 and has been in HR for 12 years among several industries: insurance, material handling and FMCG. In her last job, as HR factory manager (Blédina, baby food factory) she implemented an intrapreneurial program “All Actors” based on shop floor empowerment and participative management. Today she facilitates internal transformations through change and project management support, engagement programs, leadership training. She has always been curious about new ways of doing business, and practicing Human Resource, so she joined B-Corp internal project teams. She is also committed on an innovative educative project “la Maison de l’apprendre” lead by Ashoka in Lyon.

BAS VAN ABEL (The Netherlands)

Founder & Supervisory Boardmemberof Fairphone

Building a movement for fairer and more sustainable products - 16h45

Bas van Abel is founder and non-executive board member of Fairphone, a social enterprise which creates a phone to uncover complex production systems and change how products are made. Bas van Abel is an awarded social entrepreneur (ao. Ashoka Fellow, German Environment Award 2016), designer (ao. Dutch Design Awards) and innovator (ao Greentec Award). Prior to Fairphone, Bas was Head of Waag Society’s creative director, where he established Amsterdam’s FABLab, a community maker space, and initiated the Instructables Restaurant, the world’s first open source restaurant.


Founder of Made in Carcere

A model of regenerative economy - 17h

« In her previous life », Luciana was at the top of the financial world creating the first online multi-channel virtual bank model in Italy, Bank 121, and dealing with the construction of Knowledge platforms Management in SanPAoloIMI. In her « new life », she moved to Social Innovation, creating a non-profit cooperative, where inmates produce objects that are otherwise useful. In 2008 she launched the brand MADE IN CARCERE and then 2nd CHANCE. The great intuition is to offer customized packages and bracelets, with a new approach to social marketing with a high social and environmental impact, values still intangible and not yet measurable. This is why in her academic interventions in the major Italian universities she talks about BIL (Gross Domestic Wellbeing) as a new measurement of wealth. Numerous national and international awards for Luciana Delle Donne, former Ambassador of Apulian entrepreneurs in Europe, awarded as « European Personality 2013 » and also as a Fellow of Ashoka and as Ambassador for civil commitment.


CEO of ENVIE Rhône-Alpes

Envie, an inspiring industrial social business model with a positive global impact - 17h15

Guido Locatelli joined Envie in Lyon in 2013 and is CEO of Envie Rhône-Alpes since 2017. He worked more than ten years in the aeronautical industry (Airbus) in the fields of general management, production and procurement at an executive level. Guido made this major change in his life and career because he was inspired by the industrial social business model of Envie. He is passionate about inventing and developing new business models in a collaborative approach with a positive social and environmental impact.

Guido is Italian, holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and has lived in Ivory Coast, Italy, Germany and France.

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